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At City Wide, we have one of the most comprehensive proprietary databases in all of Manhattan which has been made available to our clients through our website. This means that any updates we receive about apartment vacancies, current rental prices, and building information are entered into our database immediately and can be accessed by the public as soon as we obtain them. There are no discrepancies between the information used by our agents and the information made available to any person using our site at any given time. We have worked long and hard and have poured many man-hours into creating a database of unparalleled precision that operates at optimal efficiency. The provision of relevant facts and accurate data is of the utmost importance when attempting to make the most well-informed decision about anything, and real estate is certainly no exception to this rule. Therefore, we feel that it is our duty to make this information available to our clients whenever they might require it and this database is one of our main vehicles for doing so.

City Wide views in-depth and precise research as the most essential tool used by our agents in providing the highest level of service to our clients on a consistent basis. From reading industry specific news sources every morning to following trends to analyzing data and information from previous business transactions, we make it our mission to know as much as possible about what is taking place within the market at all times. Whenever a client has a question about anything occurring within the market place, we want to have the answer already at hand so that they can make the most informed decision possible in regards to their respective needs.

Application Process

The application process is a part of real estate experience that some people may find painful, but it doesn't necessarily have to be that way. Because of the relationships we have established with owners, the experience we have in submitting applications, and several negotiating strategies that we have found to be effective in the past, City Wide is able to offer a valuable service to its clients by ensuring that the overall process runs as smoothly as possible. We remain vigilant throughout the entire process to ensure that any application which passes through our office is being handled with due diligence and is receiving the attention it deserves.

Qualifications for Application Submission

In general, landlords in New York City care about three things: guaranteed future streams of income, credit history, and liquid net worth (operative words here being guaranteed and liquid.) In other words, if a client can show that his or her steady and stable job guarantees an income of more than 45 times the monthly rent, a FICO credit score of at least 680, and/or a liquid net worth of one to two times the annual rent any landlord in Manhattan will likely accept their application. If they do not meet the above qualifications and are unsure if they will qualify, the best advice is to be prepared and have a guarantor lined up with paperwork in hand.

Each owner requires slightly different information from an applicant. Below is the most exhaustive list of what could possibly be needed although most owners will not require all of what is listed below.


  • Completed application form
  • Letter of Employment stating time at the company, position, direct supervisor contact information, and annual salary.
  • Prior Year's Tax Return
  • Prior Year's W-2
  • Three most recent pay stubs
  • Three most recent bank statements


  • Completed application form
  • Letter of Employment stating time at the company, position, direct supervisor contact information, and annual salary. (If self-employed, letter from a CPA verifying prior years earnings).
  • Prior Year's Tax Return
  • Prior Year's W-2
  • Three most recent pay stubs
  • Three most recent bank statements

Additional Services


The process of purchasing an apartment in Manhattan is a wholly unique experience in and of itself. In order to develop the most complete understanding of a client's particular needs, we begin this process with two comprehensive surveys. The first survey focuses solely on the specific needs, wants, and desires of the client. After processing this information and determining those specific needs and goals, the second survey involves a complete market analysis, including information such as the difference between condos vs. co-ops, financing options, and the relative values existing between comparable properties. We realize that a home is not only a collection of bricks and mortar, but an actual extension of an individual personality and a place where a person needs to feel safe and secure. The information provided in these surveys allows us to be in-tune with the wants, needs, and financial capabilities of our clientele base, so that we can make finding the ideal home a reality.


At City Wide, we consider corporate relocation to be one of our main areas of expertise. We are able to offer a wide range of housing options, including (but not limited to) full-year leases, furnished apartments, and short-term accommodations. There is no company that better understands the fact that human talent is the most valuable and non-expendable asset that a firm can possess. Therefore, ensuring the well-being and security of that resource is imperative for any company aiming to thrive within today's global economy. Through the extensive network of connections that we have established over the years, we make it possible to discuss, plan, and arrange for the seamless transition and timely movement of global talent to NYC.


As the result of spending many years immersed in the core of NYC real estate and remaining pro-active within the market, we have vast experience in buying, selling, and developing investment properties. City Wide has influential partners in financing, market analysis, legal counsel, zoning, and construction, amongst others. This network of associates in conjunction with our depth of market knowledge provides us with the intimate understanding and necessary information that makes it possible to stay abreast of everything relevant occurring within the industry at all times. It is our ability to effectively use this knowledge that has allowed us to obtain the best available investments for our clients so successfully in the past, and will continue to allow us to do so well into the future.

Disclaimer: Due to the volatile nature of the Manhattan Real Estate Market and the incredibly fast rate at which it moves, it is possible that there are apartments on this site that are no longer available for occupancy. In addition, as we are constantly in the process of updating our database and this website, there may also be available properties that have not reached the site as of yet. Due to the aforementioned, we cannot guarantee 100% accuracy for any/all information on this site at any given time. As a result, we will be able to best service your needs if you contact our office and speak with one of our agents directly.