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Mission Statement

It is our mission at City Wide Apartments to redefine the expectations and standards of real estate brokerage in New York City and elevate them to the highest level possible.

In order to achieve this goal, we have established a philosophy founded upon the idea that superior service within the industry revolves around three key components:

  1. an in-depth and comprehensive knowledge of a constantly evolving market place
  2. the provision of up-to-date and accurate information at all times
  3. above all else, an unwavering sense of loyalty to our clients that refuses to be compromised
At City Wide, we pride ourselves on the fact that every member of our team has been instilled with these ideals and has come to possess them whole-heartedly and in abundance. Through this process, each member of our corporate family is driven by the desire to embrace their role as the beacon of change within the industry.

The Way We See It

City Wide Apartments was created for one reason alone: to provide a higher level of customer service in a field that was becoming more and more detached from the needs of its client base. After years of studying the developments taking place within the Manhattan real estate market, we came to the realization that the main tenet of the industry itself, namely, personalized service through individual attention, was falling by the wayside. There are literally hundreds of real estate brokerages currently operating in this city and thousands of agents working for them. As a result of this over-saturation within the market place, the very notion of the importance of the individual client became more and more diminished over time. Reestablishing this focus on the needs of the client is what truly sets us apart from any other firm in New York City.

Due to the size and nature of our firm, we are fortunate enough to be in the perfect position to offer the best level of service to our clientele base; a level of service that larger companies often overlook or dismiss and that smaller companies simply cannot match. At City Wide, upper management works very closely and in conjunction with our agents to create a customized service package. We realize that each and every client that deals with our firm is unique and as such any service provided by our team will always be individualized and designed to cater to their specific needs.

Along with our dedication to premium customer service, we also possess the essential tools necessary for getting our clients exactly what they want. Over the years, we have developed unparalleled relationships with superintendents, building owners, and management companies, and pride ourselves on being able to pass on that knowledge and experience directly to those we work for. In addition, we have our comprehensive database which consists of over 700 landlords, many of whom we deal with exclusively. As a rule, the only thing constant about the NYC real estate market is the fact that it constantly changes. When it comes to monitoring the market, our primary objective is to stay ahead of Manhattan's notorious real estate curve. In an industry inundated with redundancy and plagued by unscrupulous business practices, our intimate and exacting knowledge of the market place paired with our strong ethical base ensures that our clients will always find the best possible space at the lowest cost and in the most straight-forward way.



City Wide offers you a plethora of opportunities that you will not be able to realize with other firms in New York City, including (but certainly not limited to) the following:

  • Years of experience in the industry have allowed us to develop close relationships with supers, owners, and managers; which, in turn, makes your job easier and more hassle-free out in the field.
  • Our catalog of exclusives is extensive and loaded with quality listings. This provides you with a sizable amount of leverage over the rest of the field in a market notorious for its level of competition.
  • Due to a perennial stream of business transactions and positive feedback, we have a consistent pipeline of referrals. We also draw business from a massive pool of clientele. This ensures that there will never be a lack of work and eliminates the possibility of any in-house competition.
  • We offer a wide variety of monthly and yearly incentive packages (contingent upon factors such as: number of deals closed per week, multiple deals closed per management company, etc.) effectively removing any ceiling on the amount of income you can potentially bring in.
  • All advertising through our firm is free (including Craigslist), eliminating any additional out-of-pocket expenses.
  • We offer the highest allowable commission splits, which means that you take home more money per deal closed. In short, any time that you spend working for us is being given its maximum possible value.

If you are interested in a career, please contact us at the email below. We are always looking to add motivated, hard working and qualified members to our team.